Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"Love makes viruses go round. Discuss."

This was the essay I chose for my Honours paper exam, all those years ago*. I decided to not only think outside of the box, but to jump right on out of it and wrote a philosophical discussion on the many different types of love you would come across in life. Starting from birth, you generally, have the love of your parents, then you love your family and later your friends. As you get older you find romantic love and when you're older still, you might find the love that comes from becoming a parent yourself.

Pesky viruses thrive on the fact that people have the ability to love and a consequence of loving is touching. Most viruses wouldn't last five minutes outside of the human body. Winter creates environments where people want to be closer, feeding off the warmth of their family, staying in closed spaces with their friends and all their children. Of course viruses love winter.

I like the winter too, but would like it to get warm now please. I'm tired of all my friends being sick, having poorly children, and seeing snotty noses.  I would like to go outside and play; I would like to open the windows and blow away the cobwebs; and I would like to wear a few less layers :)

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*Of course, it was a brilliant essay and I aced my Undergraduate degree!

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