Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Slowing down

Life is slower. It's been an adjustment to appreciate that there isn't always a need to rush from one thing to another.  Today I spent time talking. I talked to my Mum via Skype. Tyler was at his cutest and smiled and showed her how he could wave his arms around and generally look cute.  I talked to my neighbour over a cup of tea. I learnt more about her in two hours than I had learnt over the last six months. Then I had some mummy friend time. We chilled out and sat around and talked about jobs and babies and weaning and nannying. We sat outside amidst the washing - washing drying outside which fills my heart with happiness and emits a smell which throws me back into another simpler life when I lived at home with my Mum and Dad. I picked up Thomas from preschool and went back outside, playing on the deck, breathing in the fresh air, generally enjoying my day. That's when I realise that life is slower.  I didn't 'do' much, but I kept my baby close to me, I fed him and changed him, held him when he dozed, kissed his perfect face and made him feel safe. If my life needs to be slower right now to make my children whole and happy, then so be it. There will be plenty of years when the pace picks up again, and I'll be ready for it.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

A 'me' hour...

An hour! I’ve got at least one hour to myself! What shall I do? So many things to do!

I’ll call my Mum and tell her I’ve got a WHOLE HOUR to myself! Then I’ll think of what I can do…

I’ll finish that cake I’d started. Then I can sit down, watch mindless TV, maybe have a snooze, maybe read some more of my new book “Beyond the Sling” by Mayim Bialik, maybe start some coursework

Well the oven is a bit dirty, I’ll just wipe that down.

And wash the dishes. Then I’ll sit down.

After I’ve cleaned the kitchen floor.

Well, I might as well do the bathroom as well while I’m at it.

Oh, the nappies are dry. I’ll just stuff them so they’re ready to use. Then I’ll sit down.

And write this blog post…

Then I’ll make a cup of tea.

Oh. Hello! You’re back! Great…

I guess it was productive ‘me’ time at least.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Photoblog - February selection!

Here are my favourite photos from February. I didn't use all of them on the photoblog, a couple are just photos I love :)

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