About me

My name is Lindsey. Born in Wales, brought up in England, lived in Scotland and now living in Frederick, Maryland!

I am a photographer, a doula, a childbirth educator in training, Mum to Thomas, born December 2008, and Tyler, born December 2011, and wife to David. During my previous life in the UK, I gained my PhD and worked for ten years as a researcher and lecturer in Forensic Biology.

I am a huge advocate of natural birth and wish for all women to feel as empowered as I did after the birth of my two sons.

I also like snails...

And chocolate. Please send some my way if you happen to be passing through MD from the UK!

This blog started from my passion as a doula but soon became a place for me to share some thoughts and special things that have happened to me, as well as showcasing some of the many, many photos I take of Thomas, and now Tyler too! So, now I am an ex-pat, this blog has changed a bit and become my journey into the world of North America too!

Come and join me on my journey! x
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