Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Motherly love

This is my post for Tara's Gallery this week - the subject "Mother Love".

This time two years ago, David was in the US and I came down South to leave a four-month old Thomas with his grandparents overnight while I went to Prague for a conference. My heart wept. I had spent 4.5 months on maternity leave, my world revolved around this little creature and here I was, abandoning him when he needed me!

Now, two years later, David is in the US and I am down South. Tomorrow I head to Brussels on the Eurostar for three days, same conference, Thomas is two years and four months. My heart isn't weeping this time, I'm much more relaxed and know he will have a ball with mama and dada :)

And I know when I come home he will still love me the best!

[although he might not speak to me for a little while...]
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