Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Motherly love

This is my post for Tara's Gallery this week - the subject "Mother Love".

This time two years ago, David was in the US and I came down South to leave a four-month old Thomas with his grandparents overnight while I went to Prague for a conference. My heart wept. I had spent 4.5 months on maternity leave, my world revolved around this little creature and here I was, abandoning him when he needed me!

Now, two years later, David is in the US and I am down South. Tomorrow I head to Brussels on the Eurostar for three days, same conference, Thomas is two years and four months. My heart isn't weeping this time, I'm much more relaxed and know he will have a ball with mama and dada :)

And I know when I come home he will still love me the best!

[although he might not speak to me for a little while...]


  1. Love the tee shirt! It's amazing how as time goes by letting them stay with grandparents gets easier. I cried my eyes outnthe first time Burton stayed with my Mum when he was about 10 months old. In the past couple of months he has stayed at one of his grandparents houses once a week, to help me out. He is at my mums now so I can catch up on some sleep today, and yet when he left I still felt a lump in my throat even though I know he loves his time there.
    Anyway, waffle waffle it's a lovely post and cute photo. Xx

  2. That is a gorgeous photo. I had to do a lot of working away from when daughter was 6 months. It is amazing how quickly the guilt passed. I relished the whole nights sleep!

  3. Aw, such a gorgeous photo (and t-shirt!). I'm sure he'll have a great time whilst your away and they say absence makes the heart grow fonder :) x

  4. Such a lovely picture, great t-shirt. Aren't we wrecks the first time we leave our LO's!I had to go away with work with G was 2 I think I spent the entire training course crying!

  5. Great photo! I hate leaving even my children at school, but I know that when they come back from where ever they (or I) have been that the hugs I get are even better!

  6. Such a handsome young chap!

    Herding Cats x

  7. That is such a cute t-shirt!

    I freelance from home and one of my jobs this weekend not only takes me out the house for the first time but abroad. A conference in Barcelona for 6 days, the longest time away from my 9 month old... I feel your first time experience heart weeping but take comfort that it gets easier.

  8. Thanks everyone! I'm home now and it seems that T had the best time with his grandparents. He didn't cry once AND he slept all night... now, why isn't he that good for me?! :D


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