Saturday, March 10, 2012

A 'me' hour...

An hour! I’ve got at least one hour to myself! What shall I do? So many things to do!

I’ll call my Mum and tell her I’ve got a WHOLE HOUR to myself! Then I’ll think of what I can do…

I’ll finish that cake I’d started. Then I can sit down, watch mindless TV, maybe have a snooze, maybe read some more of my new book “Beyond the Sling” by Mayim Bialik, maybe start some coursework

Well the oven is a bit dirty, I’ll just wipe that down.

And wash the dishes. Then I’ll sit down.

After I’ve cleaned the kitchen floor.

Well, I might as well do the bathroom as well while I’m at it.

Oh, the nappies are dry. I’ll just stuff them so they’re ready to use. Then I’ll sit down.

And write this blog post…

Then I’ll make a cup of tea.

Oh. Hello! You’re back! Great…

I guess it was productive ‘me’ time at least.


  1. And at least the bathroom is clean too!

    1. semi-clean... and it was only the downstairs toilet so it probably doesn't really count :)

  2. You can do all that in an hour? Wow! I usually don't make it past tea...perhaps if I drank more of the stuff it would help :)

    1. To be fair it turned out to be an hour and a half, but it also means I just did a lot of things fairly badly... but the cake was nice! :)

  3. i am so with you here. i had a couple of hours this afternoon while daddy and Burtpn went out and benson napped and I cleaned downstairs, did some washing, made a cake, made Jenson's tea, commented on about 4 366 photos and then my 'me' time was over! oh and i did manage a wee in peace - lol xx

    1. Oh, those peaceful wees are pure bliss! :D x

  4. Ha ha! That is exactly what happens when you get those precious free moments.


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