Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My mummy

This is my mummy with Thomas when he was a month old. She was there for his birth and they've had a special bond ever since :) She doesn't like photos being taken, but I think this one is beautiful.

I think my mum is fabulous. I always said if I could be half the mother she has been, I would be doing OK. I love you mummy!

This is my post for Tara's
Gallery this week. The prompt was "Here come the girls" :)

Here is a photo of Thomas. He isn't a girl, but he was spending the day at Blair Drummond with a group of girls, so it sort of counts, and I just really like the photo...

Interestingly, I came across a superb photographer Joe Wigfall, who takes street photos in a similar way to how I took this (although, obviously, much much better!). I feel inspired!


  1. That photo of your mum is beautiful. It just radiates love
    (and worry ye not, I'm not adverse to a touch of cheating! Especially when it's a pic like that) x

  2. YOur lovely mum and son...gorgeous photos

  3. Lovely pics - your mum looks great in the pic - so happy!

  4. Your mum looks so proud of her grandson (and no doubt you!) in the first photo, it's lovely.
    I love the one of Thomas too it looks really arty - great shot! X

  5. What lovely photos you can see the love between them lovely xx


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