Friday, August 5, 2011

Growing up

He's tall. He is very independent. He likes to play with other children. He is toilet trained and sleeps all night (mostly!).

He talks a lot, says 'No' a lot, likes Pixar movies and playing on the IPad.

He uses a fork to eat, sits on a chair, sleeps in a bed, hates going shopping and screams when he gets a haircut...

But sometimes, just sometimes, he is still just my baby. Soft and small and sweet and beautiful, and oh my goodness how I love him!


  1. My eldest is 20, the middle one 18 and my 'baby' is 15...but every so often they are soft, sweet, needy and vulnerable...guess they never stop being our babies, huh?

  2. Are you talking about Thomas or David?

  3. Wow! Amazing photo. Look at those gorgeous eyelashes and wee cheeks!


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