Monday, April 2, 2012

A brief update!

Happy April!  I don't know where the year is going to! Next week we leave for a visit to the UK. Three whole weeks!!  Well, with three days in Sweden for the ENFSI DNA working group meeting.

Life is good, filled with playdates and gardening and studying for my Childbirth Educator course, helping out with the Maryland Families for Safe Birth campaign, breastfeeding (four months and counting!), taking photos and making new friends.

Anyway, here are my favourite photos from March. Most from my 366 project. Some which didn't make the cut :)


  1. How exciting to be returning to the UK for a little break! be nice to see such different photos from you during your holiday.
    As usual your photos are just gorgeous and my favourites......well actually I can't say because there are so many great ones there xx

  2. Thanks Jenny :) I'm VERY excited about coming back for a bit! It's going to fly by though! x

  3. What a beautiful family! Enjoy your trip back to the homeland - how exciting :)


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