Monday, June 11, 2012

Welcome to the Summer

I don't find much time to post right now. Two babies, coursework, reviewing papers, checking PhD chapters, visits from family, breaking air conditioning, growing vegetables (attempting)...

Anyway, here are my photo selections from May!  We came back from the UK and then went away on a mini-break for a week.  We went to Deep Creek Lake in West Maryland and had the best time!  We came back and then I seemed to be rushing round preparing for my brother Nick arriving with his family at the start of June.  They have just left, David has gone to Japan, and I can finally breathe... albeit very hotly as the A/C unit is bust.

The weather here is AMAZING.  I would love it a little bit more if I wasn't so hot today.  It's a proper summer, with the swimming pool at Spring Ridge open and washing drying outside in about half an hour.  The best thing?  It won't only last a week!  It'll be like this for the next couple of months!  Wow.  If only the mosquitos would leave me alone...

Tyler turned six months this weekend.  Six months!  I remember that time flew with Thomas. By this time I knew I was going back to work in another couple of months and every moment was precious.  This time I don't have to leave and go to work!  Every moment is still precious to me.  The boys get on so great together.  Tyler loves Thomas so much.  Sometimes you can hear Tyler laughing, just so happy if Thomas is paying him some attention.  I hope they are always friends.

Love love love being a mum of two.  Life is pretty good right now...


  1. You may not be so happy with the weather come August but hey thats what the pool is for right! So glad you are enjoying it here we love you too much to let you leave anytime soon!
    Lisa and Stone

    1. Thanks Lisa! For now it's still a novelty! Although doing anything constructive (like house cleaning) is an impossibility in this heat! In a couple of years I'll moan with everyone else :) x

  2. Sounds blissful. Roll on summer.

  3. Sounds amazing.
    Your boys are gorgeous and these photos are beautiful.
    I also have 2 young boys (Charles is 3 and Harry is 11 months) and its lovely seeing their relationship develop. x


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