Friday, August 10, 2012

20 questions for a three year old...

I saw this post over at Mummy Mishaps and it made me laugh so much so I decided I would ask Thomas the 20 questions and see how he answered.

This is long and probably not so interesting but I'm posting so I can bribe him in 13 years time... :)



  1. i have no idea why i thought this, but i imagined you both to have Scottish accents!!
    anyway, i love how he wants so many cakes for his birthday and wants to be like daddy and work in an office when he is grown up :) i also noticed that he and Burton share a few things like fav animals and fruits.
    its such a lovely think to do i must do each year to see how things change. i am wondering if Thomas will have an American twang in his voice one day too xx

    1. Haha, Thomas had a wee Scottish twang when we left last year but he soon lost it! We were only there for five years so I never picked up the accent :) That's so funny! I'm going to try to remember to do this every year - remind me!! x

  2. Ink
    If u ask 20 questions to a 3year old baby he give some fun answers ......


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