Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer bucket list 2013!

It's that time of year again!  Thomas is now in a pre-school which operates on the same schedule as the public schools. That means he finishes school on June 12th and doesn't go back until the end of August! That gives us a LOT of days to fill... Good job we live in an area with a LOT of things to do!

We plan to have fun, take day trips, take road trips, visit friends, stay home, blow bubbles, make some things, draw some things, paint some things, grow some things, pick some things, listen to some music, watch some movies, and generally enjoy the summer :)


  1. i hope you enjoy your time with Thomas home from pre school it looks like you have thought up a lot of fab things to do to keep your occupied! you will be busy! and i love your tag cloud.....i may *ahem* have to investigate this way of presenting words more closely !! x

    1. Thanks Jenny! We will have fun, and hopefully I will remember to post a bit more often... :D Feel free to investigate, I love these word clouds! x

  2. Sounds like your days are going to be very full. Have fun and enjoy the summer - if we get a chance to see the sun.


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