Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm going to do a run...

Wait, let me type that again...

I'm going to do a run.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! The last time I properly decided that running was the best form of exercise was when I still smoked quite a lot, lived in Birmingham, and didn't actually have that big a bottom. It was torture. We lasted a few weeks, until one of my fit friends came to stay and came out jogging with us and showed us how she could walk quicker than we were running. That was the end of that!

So now, a few years later, I'm actually going to do a proper run. I'm registered! The Glasgow
Big Fun Run (5K) takes place on 24th July in Bellahouston Park and I am GOING TO RUN IT. Apparently. No, I am. Seriously, I AM! In order to take things a bit more seriously this time, I have decided to fundraise for Sands. Sands is an organisation which supports people after the death of a baby during pregnancy or at/after birth. The charity was set up by bereaved parents in 1978 and works hard to help the people who have to deal with such a devastating experience. As a trainee doula the world of pregnancy and birth is hugely important to me, that is why I chose to support Sands.

I went for a run today. Actually, rephrase - I took Thomas for a run! What a sight we must have been at 8am, running for 2 minutes, walking for 4, running for 2, walking for 4. Four times. My legs were very wobbly at the end and my face was as red as my hair for an hour after! OK - note to self - no deciding that 'running at lunchtime at work' is a good idea. My red face would stand out a mile for too long after!

Second note to self - time to go brown :-)


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