Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A photo I am proud of!

I've been a bit quiet for a month but now I'm back! Here is my entry for The Gallery hosted by Tara @Sticky Fingers this week - the prompt is "A Photo I'm Proud Of"...

One day, a year ago, a friend came round and took the most amazing photos of Thomas, just like that, sitting on the floor in the lounge and I vowed to myself that I would have a camera just like his! A few months later, armed with MY new digital SLR, I sat down one day and took some photos (set to M - yes, I do try!) and this picture I just love:

I've probably taken better photos, but this was my first attempt at getting out of Auto mode and getting a bit 'arty'.

Taking the theme on a slightly different slant - this is a photo I am truly proud of - meeting my son for the first time...



  1. I like 'arty' too and that is a fab photo but yes you can't possibly have a prouder moment than meeting your children for the first time. :0)

  2. These are both beautiful!
    Love the lighting and softness of the first one - I havent been brave enough to go completely manual yet so Im very impressed :)
    And the second one is simply lovely x

  3. They are both great but my favourite is the last one. That first meeting of a mother and her baby is so special and overwhelming - it's a fantastic shot! :)

  4. I need to start setting my SLR to Manual. Lots of you are doing it and I feel left out - the lighting on the wheel of the car is perfect!

  5. Both lovely ~ arty and precious ~ a good combination!! ;)

  6. beautiful pics :)

  7. Oh, what wonderful pictures! The Gallery this week is definitely nudging me towards coming off Auto!

  8. Thanks everyone! The Gallery this week is definitely making me realise I need to learn how to use my camera better! x

  9. So beautiful... and damn, this week of the Gallery has really made me want a proper camera!


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