Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Welcome to Scotland!

Why did I move to Scotland?

It's a question I often ask myself in the summer, when the South of the UK bakes in glorious weather and I sit here contemplating whether it would be truly 'nesh' of me to put the central heating on…. In order to dry the washing of course, not because it is really that cold in Glasgow, but it IS very wet.

Before my job interview in November 2006, I'd never been to Scotland. I'd just turned 30, got my PhD, got out of a bad relationship and needed something new. It turned out that moving to Glasgow turned my life around. Three and a half years later - I still like my job, I met David (in Poland actually… more on that story at a later date maybe?), I got married, I had a baby, and I got used to all the rain. Most importantly, I discovered what an amazing place Scotland is! I felt so welcomed in Glasgow as soon as I arrived, I've met great friends and had some excellent times, and when the day comes for me to leave, I won't regret my time here at all.

Yesterday, for work, we spent the day at
Ross Priory. It belongs to the University and sits on the South banks of Loch Lomond. This was my view for the day…

And this was my view at dusk…

Just two of the many reasons that I love Scotland.

Although I do miss things like this - one of my beautiful nieces upsetting Grandad by blowing dandelion seeds onto the garden :-)

This is my entry for
Tara's Gallery this week. The subject being 'Nature'. There is a prize of chocolate! Who could resist such an offer?! Make sure you go and check out some of the other entries, the photos this week are exceptional!


  1. Lol at the last one. The first two are amazing, very dramatic:) Jen

  2. Lovely pictures! Scotland is amazing! x

  3. Lovely, especially the last one.

    LCM x

  4. I love the last photo, what a precious one!
    Ross Priory is a great place, especially if not entirely sunny! I was tempted to also take a Ben Lomond photo today, from a very different angle (Langbank) but never got the perfect cloud formation ;)

  5. Don't you just love it when you stay somewhere and wake up / go to sleep / go for an evening stroll with an amazing view... it's such a great feeling and always to be valued.

  6. Forgive me if I've left two comments, blogger went a bit funny on me.

    The namy shades of blue in your skies are fantastic- it's a lovely entry, and your words on Glasgow are lovely too.

    Thanks for your comment over at mine.

  7. Lovely piccies. Scotland is so atmospheric.

  8. Lovely photos, being able to look far into the distance is a fabulous thing...and BIG skies.

  9. I'm so jealous. I love Scotland and your photos are amazing.


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