Sunday, July 25, 2010

Run Linz run!

I've struggled with losing the baby weight for many months. Struggled meaning I just can't stop eating! I try to stop for a while but then I only lose a pound or so, so I just start eating again. And drinking wine of course...

Anyway, instead of dieting, I decided to start running! Anyone who knows me knows what a crazy idea this is, as outlined in my post here. It's amazing what I can put my mind to when I want to. Some people would call it 'stubborn' :-D

So, four times a week, out I went, walking / running, huffing / puffing, and then I started to like it. Hang on, hang on... *I* started to *like* running? I think I've gone insane. We went to Portugal for two weeks and I carried on running. Then I realised I could actually run 5K! Wow, I'm still quite surprised about that!

Yesterday was run day and I was very nervous. David had told me he would run with me if I wanted but I wasn't sure; David is a born runner and regularly goes out for 5, 6, 7, 10K runs so I didn't want to feel stupid. It turns out he is the most brilliant running partner! He pushed Thomas in the jogging pushchair and maintained my pace, pushing me a little bit more than I would have done on my own. Around the track we went, across the park and towards the big hill... the big hill had been scaring me for a long time and I'd never actually run up it! Up we went, running all the way, and then down the other side. What a relief! Around the back of the park, past the House for an Art Lover, and onto the last 1K. That was hard and then I was done. I almost cried with relief!

Then David told me the time - 31 minutes and 50 seconds - and I did shed a little tear. I took 3 minutes off my previous 5K time AND I raised £275 for Sands. All in all, what a brilliant experience!

Oh - but I never lost any weight! I heard somewhere that diet AND exercise is the key... :-D

The lovely David...Nervous!Run Linz run!Tired but proud!


  1. Well done on running! You did really well and they are great photos too :)
    I tried that a few months ago in the hopes it might help' me shift my extra baby weight but alas on my 2 nd run I discover my bladder wouldn't let me run very far. And a few days later I found out I was pregnant again! So running was shelved again! So after this baby is born I will have more baby weight to shift so I may have to dig out my trainers again!

  2. Well done! I hate running. Can't stand it. I have tried a few times and maybe I should try again but when I look out and see all this snow, I think that maybe now is not the right time!

  3. It's always good to do a PB - and I'm sure you've heard tht thing about muscle weighing more than fat - so even if you haven't lost weight you've no doubt toned up a lot. Keep it up.

    PS - I'm over from Blog Gems

  4. I am seriously IMPRESSED! Your kind of stubborn is good:) I went to ww after my last baby (21 months old now) and lost all the weight by the time she was 6 months old but I am not joking when I say I have put every ouce of it back on, I think I rushed it and wasn't ready because I don't have the kind of life (currently) where I can put massive effort into maintaining it (thats my excuse and I am sticking to it!!). I fell a bit inspired now though :D Jen (thanks for joining in blog gems)


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