Thursday, September 16, 2010

Manual take two!

I didn't take part in The Gallery this week. I just didn't have time. Today Thomas is sleeping for a loooong time so I thought I'd update on my 'switch to manual' leap, which was dramatically helped by Jay. Thanks Jay :)

It's kind of good and bad. The worst photos are the ones which I know would have been brilliant if I'd got the focus right / ISO right / aperture right (delete as appropriate):

Ones which I'm mainly happy with, but still don't *quite* get what I did to get the photo:

Then the ones which really make me happy :)

I think it's a coincidence they're both black & white! I love the last one - my boys were drumming, singing songs... at this point, Thomas was screaming at the crocodile in Row Row Row Your Boat. It may not be technically brilliant, but it captured the moment perfectly.

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  1. lol, it did capture it perfectly :) Excellent photo. Jen


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