Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I wasn’t going to take part in The Gallery this week… Thomas is almost two so I don’t even want to think about his first day at school. I know it will be here in a second and I want to savour the next couple of years before he completely leaves me!

Then I remembered that on a recent visit home I had found this:

It’s a collage of photos from my last days at secondary school; we all said our goodbyes and went on to whatever came next. We all grew up and we all moved on. I stayed friends with a couple of people and found out about other people through them, so we all stayed interconnected but far apart until a couple of years ago...

Suddenly, Facebook made the whole school year accessible again! I wasn’t sure whether this would be a good thing but it’s turned out OK.

There are people I don’t want to be friends with, so I’m not. There are people who I’m not friends with, but who I can now look at as an adult and feel happy that they’re doing well. Then there are my friends, who will always be my friends, who I would keep in touch with anyway, but who I keep in touch with more because of Facebook. Some got married, some went travelling, some had babies, some have brilliant careers, some people really changed, and others have stayed the same. So much has happened to us all since these photos were taken, yet school will always tie me to these people, and I feel glad that Facebook has reunited me with most of them :)

(not the bare-chested boy who was my boyfriend at the time!)


  1. Great mix of photo memories there. I am still close to 3 girls I was best friends with at school and despite being on fb and being 'friends' with lots of old school people, it is those 3 who I care about keeping in touch with the most.
    Great post :)

  2. Thanks! That's how I feel, it's been nice to 'reconnect' but the people who are my real friends have never gone away :) x

  3. Great post! Facebook friendships are weird, loads of people have 'friended' me on there who wouldn't have even looked at me at school. I do love to have a spy on what people are up to, especially now that most are marrying, having kids and/or careers. Your post made me think of how our children will one day have these rich lives with hundreds of friendships and connections too.

  4. Facebook can have its advantages. I met up recently with a soul mate that I'd been friends with at school and we'd lost touch. We spent two happy days righting the world and realising that we need to take our friendship to old age now in the real world. I suppose I'd never have found her if it hadn't been for FB!

    Anyhoo - wanted to say hi, I'm doula-ing over on the East coast of Scotland, not a native to the Scotland either and also a fellow keen snapper, thought I'd just pop in and say hi!

  5. I love this collage - brought back a few memories, I can tell you!


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