Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I love Lego...

I wasn't going to post this week but having seen all the other brilliant posts for Tara's Gallery, I just wanted to contribute. I posted one of these photos before but here is the series. Thomas got a bit carried away by the Lego bowl at the Science Museum - David laughing makes me laugh the most :)

I love the bewildered look he gives the Lego afterwards...


  1. Excellent lol, so cute that he can fit in there too :) Jen

  2. I bet he got frustrated! I know I would have. Bless LOL!

  3. Brilliant. I want a me shaped bucket of lego - I'd have hours of fun! x

  4. oh bless him! Looks like it'd make an uncomfortable bath though, heehee!

  5. Very cute! And Thomas isn't bad either :)

    Glad to meet someone who agrees with my open book policy!

  6. Ha ha lots of fun to be had with Lego! I love the way Thomas just gets stuck in - literally of course :) great fun post


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