Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Love for The Gallery

Love is:

Studying the menu together...

Keeping a two-year old entertained on a seven hour flight...

Sticky chocolate ice cream kisses :)

This is my end of year Gallery post. Thank you Tara for helping me meet so many fantastic people!


  1. Those photos are lovely. I especially like the first one, I think the warm light makes it look more intimate? Did you crop it?

    An aside: I am jealous of your hair. My crop is too thick to lie flat like that and is always sticking up. I want flat hair! :)

  2. Thanks! No, I only took my fixed lens away to the US so I couldn't zoom out for the photo! Turned out quite nice; you'd never know we were in TGIs on a booming Friday night!

    The problem with my flat hair is that it ONLY looks good when it's this short! I've tried growing it out a few times and I just look terrible... you need to send me a photo of yours! x

  3. Chocolate ice cream kisses are the BEST :D Great photos :) Jen

  4. Gorgeous pictures! Your little man really is adorable!


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