Thursday, June 9, 2011

The random questions in my head...

I finish work in less than two weeks, leave Glasgow in five weeks and move to Maryland in August. It's all becoming a bit real and, as a consequence, I find myself thinking about lots of things. You would think they were big, life changing things... but no... here's a random delve into the questions which I find floating around my head:

Who will cut my hair?

Do people hang their washing outside?

Will Thomas call me Mom?

Will David revert to his pseudo-American accent?

What washing powder is most similar to Persil?

Shall I get a dog?

What is the equivalent to Burts Bees?

How can I play Scrabble online when the Facebook version doesn’t work?

Will an Ikea sofa be comfortable?

How many BBQs are acceptable when it’s sunny every single day in the summer…?

Should I change my ideas for baby names to ones more appropriate for the US? After all, Thomas was number 63 in the US boy chart last year, compared to 3 in the UK chart. Maybe I should be thinking more along the lines of Chuck, Tyler, Harrison... [forgive the lack of girl names, I'm convinced I'm having another boy!].

If anyone has the answer to these questions, or have any slightly more important questions they feel I should be asking, please let me know!

Also, here are just a couple of photos of my beautiful boy :)


  1. What cute kids!

    Burts Bees is American (Vermont, I believe), and about half as expensive there...which should leave you enough pocket money to buy one of those MASSIVE AMERICAN DRYERS, should you do like the natives and forsake the clothesline.

    Moving across the ocean is tough work, but so very worth it for the opportunity and the adventure. And your lucky kids will get to straddle two cultures, whether they go by Tom or Chuck :)

    Good luck!

  2. Thomas is gorgeous :)
    You are moving? To America? How come? that's a big change. How long do you plan to live over there for? gosh how exciting and nerve rack at the same time xx

  3. Thanks Rachel! So glad about Burts Bees, it was going to be an expensive stock up beforehand otherwise! Massive American dryer it is then :)

    Thanks Jenny! Yep, we're on the move for X years. Who knows, we will see what happens next. I'll keep you updated! I'm terrified but excited at the same time. I think this bit, just before I leave is the worst... next worse bit will be saying bye to my parents, but I'll think about that in August!



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