Thursday, September 22, 2011

Maryland Families for Safe Birth

Maryland Families for Safe Birth is a Non-Profit grass-roots organization, working to legalize and license Certified Professional Midwives in Maryland. Their goal is to make out of hospital birth safe by allowing Maryland women access to Certified Professional Midwives. These midwives are the only health care provider who specialize in Out-of-Hospital maternity care. 26 states across our country recognize CPM's as medical professionals and license them in their state. In these states, women who choose Out-of-Hospital Birth have outcomes that are as safe as those who choose hospital birth.

Many women are forced to cross state lines or deliver at home without a Midwife because of lack of Home Birth and Birth Center Midwives. MFSB believe every family in Maryland has the right to have access to a licensed midwife when planning an Out-of- Hospital Birth. They are drafting a bill to go before the state legislature in January of 2012 that will request the legalizing of CPM's in Maryland. They ask you to sign this petition to demonstrate your support of such a bill.

So I signed a petition to The Maryland State House and The Maryland State Senate, which says:

"Legalize Certified Professional Midwives in Maryland."

PLEASE sign this petition today! Let’s legalize the midwives we love so much and invite more midwives to practice in Maryland bringing women and families MORE choice!




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