Friday, September 2, 2011


Thomas decided he wanted to try his hand at painting the other day so we bought a Cat in the Hat painting book, went home and sat down with a brush and a bowl of water...

It seems the days of Thomas getting upset at having dirty hands / arms are over! Oh dear :)


  1. I haven't let burton loose with paint in the house yet - crayons and stickers are as muxh as I have allowed so far! I am goingmtonhave to let him soon though because I think he will live it (especially the getting messy part)
    Thomas looks to be having a BRILLIANT time - did he manage to get any paint on the paper?? hee hee great photos xx

  2. Thomas has never been into painting, which I was secretly quite pleased about because of the mess! These palette paints were much better than the pots though and really easy to wash off... Good job really! No, not so much actual 'painting' got done :) You should give it a go! Xx


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