Thursday, January 31, 2013

Diana F+ challenge month 1

My lovely husband suggested I dust off the Diana F+ lomography camera he bought me for Christmas a couple of years ago for my 2013 photo challenge this year, so of course I agreed!

First time round I couldn't get to grips with the camera and my photos were so frustratingly awful that I put the camera away, waiting for a better day...

At the start of the month I got it out again! I dusted it off, bought some film and read up on the (very few) controls. At least this time round I understand the aperture settings and the way the film goes in! Piece of cake.

Ummmm. Well, here we go, month 1. How annoying to not see the images as I take them! Especially when after the first couple I would have figured out I wasn't releasing the shutter quick enough! And there were a couple of double exposures from forgetting to wind the film on, oops!

On the plus side, the lighting is alright, so at least I've learnt something in the last three years :D

My challenge for month 2 - release the shutter! No blurriness please! [with the exception of moving children where this may prove impossible] Wind the film forward!

Month 1 challenge - FAIL!!

Should have taken one step back to focus

Double exposure!

Inanimate object blur fail!

More double exposing!

To be fair, he was jumping...

Blur fail!

Moving + slow shutter = FAIL!

Blurry baby

Shaky hand!

A-ha! Focused! Hoorah!


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