Saturday, January 5, 2013

Oh life! How quickly it flies!

I finished my 366 photo project! I decided not to carry it on for another year, for a few reasons.

1. I probably do take a photo every day. Some days I take hundreds! I found by half way through the year I was starting to forget to post a photo, or couldn't find the time to sit down and do it, then by the time I did sit down I had a few photos to post and it would take me so much longer to post them!

2. Because I was posting to my 366 blog so much, I neglected this one. A picture can tell a thousand words but sometimes people want to know what is really going on in my head! Well, maybe...

And 3. I've done it, so now I want to do something else.

Cousins :)
This year is going to be exciting with my photography business going from strength to strength - I hope to add birth photography and newborn studio photography to my portfolio this year; I have my CBE workshop in March with an aim to finish the course by the end of the summer; and I am bowing out of the world of forensic DNA analysis with a PhD examination at the end of this month, followed by my final ENFSI DNA working group in Bratislava in April!

I'm excited to be involved with setting up a new Birthing Circle in Frederick! This group of women hope to educate, support and empower women and their families through the journey of pregnancy, birth and the post-partum period.  We are going to hold monthly meetings and talk about all things pregnancy, birth and babies! Brilliant!

Me best friend's baby, Orson

Thomas has started a new school and is loving it now he only goes for 2.5 hours instead of all day. It's so nice to see him so excited to go! It's also nice to have him with me for longer. As he rapidly approaches school age I become more aware of how quickly time is flying. I get to keep him close for an extra year compared to my UK friends and for that I am very grateful and intend to make the most of it!
Thomas :)
Tyler is keeping me on my toes and wakes up at 5am each morning since we got back from the UK. Yawn.  He's currently refusing to walk, so my previous idea that he would walk by the age of 1 is proving wrong and he will probably follow in his brothers' footsteps and start walking perfectly at 15 months...

Tyler :)
And David is David :) He works hard and he lets me do all of these crazy things I want to do. He is marathon training again and enjoying life in the US.  He has unrelenting patience for my latest photography 'need' and he supports me in all I do. I am very lucky and very happy.  Plus he bought me an IPad for Christmas which means he can do no wrong for at least three months, maybe more...

My lovely family!
So what challenge do I set myself for this year? I'm already missing taking a photo a day! Maybe I'll set myself a photo a week? That's not really a challenge though... Maybe life is throwing me enough challenges this year and I should just decide to 'be'.  Maybe I should just update *this* blog more often... Yes, that's what I'll do, I'll give this blog more love. I can hear you all cheering already :D


  1. I am sorry I fell by the way side with the end of your project 366 #blogingfriendfail however. I really enjoyed seeing them as they gave me an insight into new and amazing life Over there in the USA. That said, I cannot wait to read more about your life with photos thrown in for good measure - I think you all lead a wonderful life.
    Your boys have grown so much over the last year, as have mine, and I have really enjoyed watching this i happen before my eyes.
    Happy new year and good luck with alll your new and exciting projects

  2. Horray .. good decision Dr Welch to update your blog more. We miss you lots so like to hear what your doing! xxxx


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