Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What do boys play with?

What do boys play with? Having spent plenty of time with my nieces, this was the problem I was faced with when we discovered I was having a boy. I worried! Girls play with dolls, and dress like fairies, and have tea parties. Boys? What do boys do?

I grew up with three brothers and was more of a tomboy than a girly girl so I don't know why I worried!

It turns out my husband knows EXACTLY what Thomas wants to play with. Always has. "Maybe he'd like a ball" - he loved the ball. "Maybe he'd like a drum" - he loved the drum. "Maybe we should get some Lego" ... you get the drift don't you?

My husband is brilliant. He knows exactly what Thomas wants. Books, toys, clothes. He always gets it right and that is part of what makes him a brilliant dad.

What do I think now about having a boy? I think it is brilliant :-)

This is my entry for Tara's Gallery this week - the topic was 'Still life'. Lego Man was pretty still at the time...


  1. We have the exactly the same situation in our house. My husband just 'knows' and I am grasping at trying not to think in too girly a way even though I was a huge tomboy! Great photo:) Jen.

  2. Great photo, mu daughter likes both dolls and cars

  3. Awww lovely! I like the photo too! *wink*

  4. Love the picture. Not having a boy I don't know what they want to be honest, but girls want an awful lot!

    CJ xx


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