Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This week, Tara at Sticky Fingers has teamed up the Gallery with the Writing Workshop hosted by Josie at Sleep is for the Weak. The task? Emotions. It's a tough one! Here is my contribution...

My mum always used to tell me that I could never hide how I was feeling. All she had to do was look into my eyes and she knew if I was OK or not. I think that is still true.

Since having T my emotions have gone all over the place. Before I would get upset about things but I'd keep myself in check. Now I sob at the slightest thing - sad films, happy news, frustration...

But these days I just don't care so much. The fact that I can look at my son and be overwhelmed with love for him, so much that it makes me cry, how can it be wrong to feel that sort of emotion?

And Thomas? Well, these photos say it all. The excitement of Grandad showing him how to water the plants; the sheer joy at watering the plants; the happiness when he realises he can REFILL the watering can! Emotions on a different level. A level so innocent, it makes me cry...


  1. Beautiful child. Being a mother is an emotional trip in itself.


  2. There's nothing better than a kids filled with joy.

  3. The photos are great, it is lovely to see children have such great fun with something that we see as mundane, opens our eyes just a little bit :D Jen

  4. Oh your son looks so so happy. That emotion is just so strong it can be painful can't for our children.
    I can't hide my feelings either. :0S

  5. Look at his happy face! So happy at being allowed to help his grandad with such an important job as watering the garden! I remember photos of my brother helping our grandad he enjoyed it just as much as your gorgeous boy.
    The emotions you describe are so easy to relate to - being a mum is very emotionally draining but it's worth it :-)

  6. Perfect pictures, there is just something about watching children be free that always makes me emotional .

  7. I love how little boys just want to help their grandads. What a happy happy boy! x


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