Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Gallery - An Education

I wasn't going to join in The Gallery this week, too busy to think anything but work - although I guess being a lecturer I could have just posted random images of a work day... - anyway, I didn't and then I remembered I had this. Plus there is a whole old school theme going on so it seemed quite apt! Maybe when I go back to my folks I will get all of my old photos and scan them in and write a blog about life through the eyes of a school photo!

I think I was 6 in this photo. Note the asymmetrical haircuts we all possess. This would be one of the few photos of me wearing anything vaguely girly. I lived in my brothers' cast-off Incredible Hulk and Spiderman t-shirts and denim shorts. My mum used to be so sad that after three boys I wasn't a girly girl! We still lived in Wales at this point and I didn't have a Welch accent... although my older brother was nicknamed Taffy when we moved to England so maybe there was an accent there. I don't have so many memories of Wales; there are the family stories [crazy dogs, running naked, breaking my brothers' arm], the woods behind the house where I could clamber over to my friends' house, my dad taking us for 'spends' every Saturday morning, falling off my bike and scraping the skin off my arms, crying to my mum and telling her I didn't want to leave. We left when I was 8 years old and one week old. We moved to England, where I lived, in various places, for the next 22 years.

I love my brothers. And in case my oldest brother reads this and feels left out [I have three!], I'm going to find a photo of him from school and scan it in too. I'm pretty sure his haircut was *really* trendy in its day :D


  1. You look very sweet with your two big brothers next to you :)

  2. how funny that you all had the same hair

  3. Oh love the haircuts!! Those fringes make me giggle - I think we all had them 'back in the day!'


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