Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Gallery - One Word... Scotland

This is my post for The Gallery this week...

Before I went for my job interview in Glasgow I'd never been to Scotland. I feel bad about that because it's not that hard to cross the border from England to Scotland, but I had never had a reason. I moved to Glasgow and was immediately welcomed by all the amazing people I met. People were so friendly and I felt like I had found somewhere I could truly belong. Now, four and a half years later, I find myself starting to reminisce. Because we're leaving. The Welch family will be uprooting and resettling in Maryland in the summer of 2011, new times ahead!

Moving to Glasgow was a turning point to me. I met David (not in Scotland, at a conference in Krakow!). He moved to Glasgow to be with me. We got married. We were insanely lucky to have Thomas. I met mummy friends. I became a doula. I met doula friends. I discovered photography and through that I found blogging and suddenly I found myself with a whole new set of friends. So many things have happened to me!

So, one word, Scotland. It was going to be Glasgow. But Glasgow is just one part of this amazing country which I am privileged to live in. Most of my photos are Glasgow-based, but there are a few which aren't :)

This is the street in which I live. It doesn't look like much, but these tenement flats hold a whole host of individuals, families, old people, young people. I love it. I hate my upstairs neighbour (anyone on Facebook or Twitter will be well aware of this!), but I love my old neighbours next door, and the young people upstairs, and the families on the street and the general sense of community I feel every time I walk down my road.

Loch Lomond. I work at a University which has a house on the banks of Loch Lomond. You go to a meeting and walk into the grounds and this is what you see.

The Isle of Cumbrae. Anyone who lives on the West of Scotland knows Millport and the Isle of Cumbrae. A ferry ride from the mainland and easy to cycle around. Brilliant.

Queens Park on Glasgow's South Side. 5 minutes away from me, many many many many hours spent here during the summer on maternity leave. Still a great place to wander around. Churches, a lake (sorry - a pond, so I'm told), a duck pond, the Glasshouse (free soft play and plants and reptiles), two play parks, a viewing point, tennis courts. Fabulous.

Thomas likes the play parks best...

Heads of Ayr farm park. Not Glasgow, Ayr. I only discovered it two weeks before it closed for winter last year. I WILL be back this year! Animals, rides, playgrounds, massive outdoor trampolines... all on the West coast of Scotland.

My doula friends. There aren't many of us in the West of Scotland. These ladies have made me feel like I am really part of something special. From all walks of life we have come together for one reason, to support women and their families. I love them.

Thomas. Thomas was born in Glasgow. Just like I was born in Wales, he will also feel a part of this place. I'm really glad about that because it is a truly fantastic place to be*.

*just a bit cold


  1. You do take some wonderful photos! I gave never been to Scotland, although I would like to one day. I can see why it holds a special place in your heart x

  2. Beautiful. For me Scotland is a smell, coal fire and air and something I just can't put my finger on. Love looking at your shots though as they make me want to go home too.

  3. Lovely. How strange - I nearly used Scotland as my word, as we have so many photo's of the place.
    My boys love it, but it's a bit too far for us with the baby this year :(

  4. Super photos, loved them and your passion for Scotland is fantastic. I love Scotland so much.

    Maryland? My relatives live just on the border with Maryland and Virginia. Small world? ;)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog to oggle my doughnuts!

  5. So evocative, do you know I found myself trying to imagine your words in a Scottish accent? (A bit like a tourism ad on TV). Probably my accent wasn't very authentic, but your words really were - I'm sold. The picture of the flat next to the colours of the Loch is a great contrast.

  6. Thanks everyone! This is kind of my first 'declaration' that I am moving and I was a bit amazed at how much Scotland has come to mean to me! There are some amazing things to see up here.

    Jenny - you should go! Honestly, it is the best place nearby to see some staggering scenery. The Lake District pales in comparison!

    Pippa - thanks! Our flat is over 120 years old and I often wonder what stories it must hold. All of the coal fires were boarded up years ago and would have been too expensive to reinstall :(

    overthehill - hopefully you will get to go back again when the 'wean' is older :)

    SAHM - SMALL world! It's amazing how many people know people in Maryland! We will not be too far from Virginia either!

    Alexander Residence - my accent would be pretty crap too! I think I've just about got the 'aye' and 'uh-huh' down...


  7. Maryland! Wow! What takes you there? Will be so interested to read all about the big move in due course.

    And yay for Scotland - we're still in our first year, but I too, am loving it here - even if the bits I see are totally the other side of the country from the bits you see!

  8. OK, you sold it to me! I must book up a trip to Scotland sometime soon.
    Love your photos, the loch in particular

  9. planb - Husband's job! He works for a global company and he got a transfer. Who knows what I am going to do! My plan is to take a photography course, redo my doula training and grow a vegetable patch. I'm not sure how interesting my blog will be :) The East of Scotland is also nice! Very different but I don't get over there so much...

    Mari - Yay!


  10. Aw! You're making me homesick now! Great photos!

  11. Oh, this post was so lovely to read. I feel exactly the same about North Devon and when we left to move back to Essex I felt sad to say Goodbye. Scotland will always be a special place and you'll treasure your memories there.
    Can't wait to read all about the next place where you'll be living...I'm sure you will love Maryland just as much x

  12. My husband is from Edinburgh but we live in England and haven't been back to his homeland for a few years. Just seeing your photos has made me realise we should get cracking and get up there again!

  13. oooh, better than that advert for scotland on the telly...though I did have that music in my head while reading your post! Maryland will have a lot to live up to!x

  14. Such a magic post, emotional too. My Grandfather was born in Scotland and grew up there, but spent his married life in South Wales, where my mother was born. I would love to visit Scotland with my daughters one day and show them the beautiful scenery with so much history and character.

  15. What an amazing post! You have really brought Scotland to life for me, and those photo's are incredible.

  16. Thank you everyone! I do love Scotland and I'm glad that has come through in my post. Everyone should come here for a visit, I can't believe it took me so long! I will bring Thomas back one day :) x


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