Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A tree for #TheGallery

Here is my post for Tara's Gallery this week!

I'm a bit snowed under at work, but a good snowed under, I am enjoying it right now! Maybe because I know I'm leaving in a few months, maybe because MSc students are really great to teach... who knows... Anyway, I'm sorry, it isn't a great tree photo for The Gallery this week, but it shows my brain right now :)

It's a phylogenetic tree! And don't worry, see that huge outlier for the UK making it look like we're totally different (genetically) to the rest of Europe? That's just called 'crap data'. If you're British, you're not really unique :)

Oh, if you were looking for a real tree, here is Thomas trying to hide in one...


  1. I love it - looks like Thomas is laughing at the concept of crap data.

  2. Ha ha! I hope he will understand one day. You're so right! x

  3. Phylogenetic trees not quite as lovely as real ones!

  4. Brilliant trees!

    Oooh I used to love hiding in a good solid pine when I was little, the fabulous smell, ah happy days x


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