Thursday, July 21, 2011

Step 2: Move 'home'

My home for the next four weeks is my childhood home. It has always been home to me, no matter where I have lived, I have always said “I’m going home next week / tomorrow / later”. Confuses the hell out of people :)

What would the future hold?!

Marlow, Buckinghamshire. This is where I grew up. We moved here when I was eight and Mum & Dad have lived here ever since. I lived here till moving to University in Manchester, then came back for a few months before I moved to Birmingham and then on to Glasgow and now on to Maryland. I think this house will always be my home until my parents don’t live here any more.

Nick shows off the height of fashion...

I know I have my own home, with my own family, but I feel very lucky that there is still another place where I feel safe and secure, where Thomas sleeps through the night and I can get some rest (especially after the craziness of the last few weeks!).

Growing up

It isn’t really about Marlow, it’s about my family. I feel really lucky to have that and I hope that my children feel the same about the home I make for them.

David has left for the US now so it’s just me and T for the next few weeks. We plan to have days out and spend time with the grandparents and catch up with old friends. Lots to do but not hectic madness, which is good as I get a bit more pregnant and start to feel a little less invincible…

Thomas and Daniella continuing to feel safe at the grandparents house!


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