Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thomas rides his bike

After months of refusing to wear his bike helmet (and possibly spurred on by Dora and Boots wearing their helmets in a recent episode!), Thomas decided today he wanted to try out riding his bike outside...

(This is not a sponsored post but this Strider balance bike has been a fantastic find!)


  1. Hmmm, interesting. I'm thinking of getting D a bike for his birthday next month, but not sure whether to go for a balance bike, a proper bike (with stabilisers) or maybe a scooter. Essentially I want him to get back from the village or park without whinging and wanting a carry, and ideally at a quicker pace than walking. And it would also be nice if he enjoys it! ;) Useful to hear that you've got on well with this one.

  2. Kirsty - the balance bike is brilliant! I polled my friends on Facebook and was told that it was the only way to go with bikes and all of their children had progressed straight to bikes without stabilisers. I have to say though, T can't go so far right now and a couple of his friends can travel a much longer way on their scooters. T has a scooter as well but it got packed away when we decluttered so he hasn't used it much... x


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