Sunday, July 3, 2011


Silent Sunday


  1. I like your new blog header :)
    That's a lovely photo of Thomas and his girl friend running off holding hands. The sky with those pink clouds adds a lovely touch also xx

  2. Thank you! The bird in the sky was a lucky fluke too :)

    Decided it was time to update my blog, in preparation for more posting (in theory) now I've finished work!

  3. This is one for you to frame. XXX

  4. Cute! Though the bridge looks like the type to have a troll underneath...

  5. Very sweet pic. The name of your blog made me chuckle. I'm not sure what the answer is. Do they?

    Madison xxx

  6. The bridge actually had a zebra underneath instead of a troll! Luckily for Thomas I guess...

    Thanks Madison, I have wondered this myself! They bury themselves to lay eggs and can be gone for days so it must be a pretty stressful experience! It doesn't stop them doing it a LOT though :D x

  7. That is a beautiful shot. Sun and I'm sure I hear laughter x


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