Sunday, October 16, 2011

Baltimore (+ the marathon)

Baltimore was the first city I ever visited in the US. Ten years ago, only months into my first 'proper' job as a forensic DNA researcher, I got the opportunity to go to a conference there. It was my first trip abroad on my own and I stayed for a few days, taking the MARC train to Washington DC and doing the tourist trail. Little did I know at the time that ten years later I would be walking down the same streets with my husband, son and growing bump - a resident of the US!

This weekend we went on a trip to Baltimore, our closest city, for David to take part in the marathon. That is a whole other post which he should write for himself, but he did it, and I was very proud. I will blame the baby hormones for the immense pride and large number of tears I shed :)

And you know something freaky? I can't wait to start running again...

Here are some photos from our trip!


  1. Go David! What an achievement x

  2. Thanks Jack! I was super-proud of him! He's a bit sore today :) x

  3. Your photos are amazing!! Can't decide whixh one is my fav.........nope can't decide!!
    Well done your hubby - brilliant effort! It would be lovely for him to write a guest post on his running - do you think you can persuade him?
    Hope you are keeping well xx

  4. Thanks Jenny! All good here, getting bigger by the day! David keeps sitting down to write about the marathon and doesn't get very far. Seems he has writers block :) As soon as he gets round to it I'll repost! xxx


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