Wednesday, October 12, 2011


When I was pregnant with Thomas, I had a 'womb' song for him. It was Rule the World by Take That (anyone surprised?!). What I discovered soon after he was born was that he hated it. Even now, if I start to sing it, I'm most often met with "No Mummy, stop. Stop singing".

Whoops. So all that cute foetal kicking was actually unborn Thomas telling me he hated the sound of my warbling tones. And there was me thinking I was quite good...

Now daddy. Daddy is a different matter altogether. When daddy sings it is HILARIOUS. Mind you, he was singing the theme song to the Beverley Hillbillies at the time...

It's safe to say that Baby Welch II hasn't been subjected to a womb song. Although Take That "The Flood" features quite often in my sing-out-loud car journeys. I fear I'm imprinting on my kids to hate Take That before they're even born...


  1. ha ha i saw Take That live 4 weeks before Burton was born!! i was kind of hoping the baby would start while I was there so i might get to meet the band lol s if!
    gorgeous photo xx

  2. Ha ha ha! I hope Burton isn't as traumatised by them as T seems to be!! He obviously has his fathers' poor music taste... :) x


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