Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Moving photos - before & after!

It's been two months since we moved to Maryland. Two months! Sometimes it seems like we've been here for longer and sometimes it still feels like yesterday. I'm settling slowly. I still don't really know many people but we're in more of a routine and that really helps. I'm trying to get out and about while I still can - only six weeks until my 'due date' and I'm starting to slow down...

I think I can relax a bit now the nursery is done. All Thomas's old clothes are washed, cloth nappies are clean, Ergobaby is fixed and ready, birth kit is prepared. Bring it on!

So, here is a small insight into some of the things we've managed to do in the last couple of months.

The house was hidden by the trees, it was so dark inside and looked so sad from the outside.

The family room - I still call it a lounge! It's so nice to have a space that isn't shared with Thomas's toys (well, sometimes anyway...).

The guest bedroom - luckily only one wall was papered!

Guest bedroom 2 - it feels so grown up to have a guest room!

The master bedroom - complete for now but looking a little bare! I want a chaise longue so if you see a turquoise one on offer anywhere, let me know!

The formal dining room became Thomas's playroom! It's just off the kitchen so really close to the family 'hub'.

The front living room - check out the darkness from the tree! This has become the room where the oddments of furniture go. We'll figure out what to do with it one day...

Thomas's room. It's so nice for him to have his own room for the first time!

The baby room. We never had one of these before either! We're planning on co-sleeping so it wasn't essential to do but now I feel I can hibernate a bit...

There you have it! Our beautiful house! It's a bit of a change from the two bedroom tenement flat we had in Glasgow. It's easier to keep tidy but harder to furnish as you need so many more things! It really feels like home though and that has helped me settle, and I'm sure it has helped Thomas too.

Possibly the BEST thing about it? No more alcoholic @rsehole upstairs neighbour!!! :D


  1. Wow! You've done loads in such a short time. It all looks amazing. Time to rest now?

  2. Yes, I hope so! The garden still needs loads of work but I think I'm done, apart from planting a few bulbs while I can still get down on my knees and back up again! :) x

  3. Its beautiful - and huge! Perfect place to have your second baby :) x

  4. It looks great, so much space - although still plenty of scope to personalise it and make it your own. My first thought was "what, cutting down trees, surely this is inherently bad?" but the difference it makes to the light in the rooms, I can see why you had to do it. I've just put my boys in a bunk bed in a room together - the change is good!

  5. I felt really bad about cutting that pine tree down but you wouldn't believe how close it was to the house! It had broken the screens on the windows and when they started chopping it they discovered it had a split trunk so it was actually really dangerous! Much higher likelihood of falling into the house apparently! The crepe myrtle will grow back, just bushier rather than the height of the house :)

    Ahhh, bunk beds. My brothers used to be in bunk beds and loved it! X


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