Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11/11 A day in the life of Lindsey and Thomas...


Brrr! It's a cold day in Frederick today. The leaves have really fallen off the trees.

We stayed in waiting for the midwives to arrive for our home visit (only 3 more weeks until they go on call!). Thomas had his usual reaction to seeing the camera...

Midwives came and went, ate pizza for lunch, then we took the balance bike to the park for a playdate with some new friends.

Freezing cold, came home, curled up with raspberry leaf tea and Fireman Sam.


Brrrr, a cold day! I don't like slippers. How does this camera work?

Daddy stayed home while mummy had a visit from the midwives. The leaves are falling off the trees and Mummy says when they have all gone, my baby brother will come! I want to meet him now. His name is... (shhhh Thomas, it's a secret!). Sorry. How does this camera work?

The midwives left and Daddy went to work. We ate pizza and I sat on the big stool.

Then we went to meet my new friend at the playground. I love my balance bike! It was very cold but I don't like gloves. My new friend was wearing his winter coat AND gloves AND a scarf AND a hat. I don't need all those things, I'm from Glasgow! I made Mummy carry my bike some of the way home because I was tired. She's like superwoman, carrying me and the bike and my helmet. I love her and think she looks FAB for 8 months pregnant....

[OK, maybe he didn't *quite* say that, but I'm allowed to use a bit of artistic licence on my own blog :D]


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