Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Little Photos From Little Fingers

I've been tagged by the lovely Jenny from Mummy Mishaps in a meme looking at the photo-taking abilities of the little people in our lives. Instead of explaining in great detail, I'll let the photos taken by the very very talented Thomas, speak for themselves :)

Where do I look?

Baby brother!

Silly mummy

My foot is so beautiful...

Daddy is on the IPad again


Cheese daddy!

They really ARE beautiful feet!

Mr scarecrow

Mummy, daddy and the snowman on mummy's birthday!

Leaves are fun

The trees are losing their leaves which means my baby brother is coming!

Mummy, WHAT are you doing?!

To be fair to Thomas, I've got more photos of me with a bump than would exist without his snapping away! AND he takes better photos than his daddy...

If you want to take part, get your photos up and link back to Mamasaurus here!


  1. wow! Thomas takes some great photos doesn't he? my favs are the snowman shot, the leaves and you with the plaster cast on (which I would love to see - have you post it on here yet?). i think he is following in your footsteps with the photography talent x

  2. Thanks Jenny! I've not posted the belly cast photos, they're not so flattering, haha! Maybe if I ever get round to decorating the two of them (I never did anything more with Thomas's!) I will post about it... It's interesting to compare the two bumps though! x

  3. How sweet! So little, yet so much talent :)


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